Our mission is to promote educational opportunities, protect and define existing rights of the current and potential deaf and deaf-blind citizens of America, and to solidify their social and economic security.


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On Friday, May 14, 2021, I participated in a virtual Language and Reading

Conference sponsored by OCALI, Outreach Center in Columbus that serves

the disability community.  Two female presenters, employees at OCALI,  

discussed practical reading strategies for deaf children who are struggling

readers.  About 124 educators from Ohio’s public schools registered for

the two-hour conference.


On Tuesday, May 25, I attended a state legislature committee hearing on the

Ohio House Bill 281 on removing offensive language targeting the disabled,

found under many state revised codes.  The hearing was well attended by

disabled constituents and seven were selected to give own testimony on

traumatic events in childhood.  Our own Joe Osborne-Payne was selected to

share with the audience his traumatic childhood experience.


During the days of June 24-25, I took part in the 2-day virtual conference

sponsored by the National Deaf Education Advocates, a sub-committee

under the auspices of the National Association of the Deaf.  Most presenters were

of the minority groups, and discussions were focused on Social-Emotional

Learning and Mental Health Issues affecting deaf children of color.




These presenters, all college-educated deaf women, shared with the conference

participants their childhood experiences as persons of color

and how they overcame social injustice and prejudice in the schools.

It was a very interesting conference.