Our mission is to promote educational opportunities, protect and define existing rights of the current and potential deaf and deaf-blind citizens of America, and to solidify their social and economic security.


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"Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Ohio Association of the Deaf is restricting all its meetings to webinars and Zoom. Thank you for your patience as America goes through this crisis."

Ohio Association of the Deaf Membership

Why join OAD?

- O.A.D. is an organization that values the rights of current and potential deaf/deaf-blind citizens.

- We share common values, common goals and use any languages and/or English.

We also embrace and teach deaf culture in daily life.

- You can make a significant contribution to society.

- You can serve as an advocate for current potential deaf/deaf-blind rights.

- You can make a difference in every community.

- You can help to build a better future for current and potential deaf/deaf-blind Americans.

O.A.D. is a non-profit organization made up of regions - a similar concept as our Ohio Congressional Regions developed by state legislators in Columbus, Ohio. Several Ohio Legislators serve more than 3 counties and some have a small number of constituents. Our four (4) O.A.D. Regions work the same way. OAD is interested in focusing on affiliates to bring back old members and recruit new ones! An organization / agency will only send one fee to become an affiliate of O.A.D.

Benefits of joining O.A.D.:

- Receive information on events and news through O.A.D.’s The Buckeye Bulletin and flyers.

- Receive information through O.A.D.’s website.

- Attend workshops sponsored by O.A.D. and other organizations.

- Voice your comments or concerns relevant to problems in your community or on current potential deaf/deaf-blind rights issues.

- Be represented in statistical information on the population of Deaf and Deaf-Blind in Ohio.

It does not matter whether you belong to another organization.

You can belong to more than one.

Join O.A.D.!

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