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Youth Leadership

Guidelines for Jr OAD Leadership

Our goal with the youth deaf community is to expose them to leadership and expand their knowledge of what’s involved as a member of Ohio Association for the Deaf. The following guidelines will better reflect how the organization will be put forward to the youth.

1. Deaf youths must be residents of Ohio to join the organization. No members from surrounding states i.e., Indiana, Kentucky or Pennsylvania are eligible to join.

2. A deaf adolescent should be between the ages of 8 – 22 to be a member of Jr. OAD. This will allow him/her to have complete understanding of different levels of leadership --- beginner, and intermediate, and ready to enter programs such as: YLC or high school councils before entering OAD when they are 18 or 22 years old or graduation from high school.

3. This organization is open to any deaf youth who is a student in a deaf program in a mainstreamed public school system or at a residential school for the deaf to help develop his / her leadership skills in team work with their peers.

4. Accommodations will be made for children who are not fluent in ASL. We try to encourage diversity within the deaf youth organization to allow the person to develop fluency in ASL skills while being immersed in deaf culture activities and social interaction.

5. The times we meet will be on weekends or nights that have special events at a specific school. While we are meeting on weekends, chaperones will be responsible for their charges. Members of OAD are not responsible for these children.

6. If the organization expands beyond daytime activities, waivers will be signed by parents/guardians if there are activities that require an overnight activity such as camping or leadership retreat. ( I wanted to cover this ahead of time if the time appears in the future)

7. Meetings or presentations will be held in a pre-determined location, depending on how large the organization is. It will involve all ages to create camaraderie and role models in the older kids for the younger kids.

8. No fees will be implemented for membership to allow all kids to have equal opportunity to experience an organization before entering an official organization such as their local deaf club, OAD, or NAD.

9. Lastly, but not the least, the meetings will not be completely based on presentations, but activities like Outward Bound or character building activities as well. It’s all about leadership, community and fun!