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Message from OAD President by Verne Taylor, Jr

Greetings everyone!

As you may be aware, web users in our country are more likely to share news with friends and family through the e-mail system. However, most OAD members and interested persons communicate through OAD's FACEBOOK, a popular social networking system to pass along items of personal interest, and for information on new OAD events. This helps OAD focus on what is needed in the Deaf Community to improve access in the mainstream community. OAD also honors requests from deaf affiliated organizations for posting their events on OAD's FACEBOOK and website.

OAD hopes to set up database for correspondences and for new contacts. Our goal is to be connected with the political community for support for new bills that will benefit the Deaf Community. OAD is in constant communication with our National Association of the Deaf on Deaf Rights in all aspects of life. One example is the bank issue that had been resolved two years ago and another new issue involves discriminatory practices in employment.

OAD officers take part in meetings at several Community Centers for the Deaf to learn more about its activities for the deaf and their families. One goal is to set up an 800 VP line with the Ohio Attorney General to relay complaints regarding discriminatory practices in employment or to report on ineffective interpreting in community situations.

OAD is helping a new deaf entrepreneur advertise her business venture by accompanying her to many deaf affiliated organization functions in hopes to inform folks about the services she is offering before she is ready to begin own business in the near future. Ohio Association of the Deaf is willing to take up challenges with any aspiring deaf entrepreneur who demonstrates a quality product or service and comes with good recommendations.

Several OAD events are lining up in the fall. One is OAD's Deaf Youth Leadership Workshop during the third weekend of October for deaf high school adolescents. They will learn leadership techniques from Dan Brubaker, a well-known leader in the Deaf Community. OAD will have its biennial conference at Courtyard Marriott in North Canton, Ohio the same weekend. Our guest speaker is Gary Malkowski, who made international news as the first Deaf member of Canada's Parliament. Gary Malkowski, a graduate of Gallaudet University, is in demand by many deaf organizations for speaking engagements.

OAD's DEAFair will take place at the Ohio State Fairgrounds on the first Saturday in November. We are hoping to get more than 2,000 participants to enjoy many festivities and visit vendor booths at our DEAFair. Please consider attending this fun and informative event.

We encourage anyone to acquaint themselves with the facts about OAD and its mission through OAD's website: For more information about OAD, anyone can send an e mail to Verne E. Taylor, Jr. at or OAD's VP number: 216 200 7222.

Thank you,

Verne Taylor, Jr.


Ohio Association of the Deaf, Inc.