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National Level Youth Leadership

The National Association of the Deaf has Deaf Youth Leadership Activities

This includes:

- Junior NAD

- Youth Leadership Camp

- Miss Deaf America Ambassador Program

- College Bowl

NAD Youth Leadership Programs prepare young deaf and hard of hearing Americans to become future leaders and advocates by increasing their self-confidence, sense of community, and thirst for knowledge. These programs include the Junior National Association of the Deaf (Junior NAD) chapter network and biennial conferences, the annual NAD Youth Leadership Camp (YLC), the biennial Miss Deaf America Ambassador (MDAA) competition and ambassadorship program, and the biennial College Bowl (CoBo) competition.

Junior NAD

The Junior NAD is an organization of, by, and for deaf and hard of hearing youth. It was founded by the National Association of the Deaf to develop interest and leadership among young deaf students in state associations, schools, and/or organizations of the deaf and to provide meaningful group activities. Deaf and hard of hearing students can participate in Jr. NAD by joining a chapter set up by their school for the deaf or mainstream program.

NAD Youth Leadership Camp (YLC)

The YLC is an annual four-week summer program designed to teach deaf and hard of hearing high school students to live life to the fullest! Campers are constantly inspired by their dedicated staff members, who are role models from all over the USA, and their fellow campers. The camp program fosters communication, leadership skills, and self-confidence, and gives campers tools to achieve their goals.

NAD Miss Deaf America Ambassador Program (MDAAP)

During the NAD biennial conferences, young deaf and hard of hearing women from across the United States demonstrate their talent and accomplishments, respond to difficult questions, and share their dreams and goals in a quest for the NAD Miss Deaf America title. The winner becomes a role model for deaf and hard of hearing youth and represents the NAD at events around the country.

NAD College Bowl (CoBo)

What could be more fun than cheering for your favorite college team in a battle of knowledge and quick wit? The NAD College Bowl competition is a spirited academic competition held during NAD biennial national conferences that brings together contestants from the top universities serving deaf and hard of hearing students. Teams vie for the coveted silver trophy and scholarships as the audience tries to guess the answers!