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Enhancing the interests and privileges of Deaf,

Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind citizens in Ohio.


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Ohio Association of the Deaf
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In memory of beloved Jackie Lawless

James Collenti

In memory of beloved Penny Nedblake

Ohio State University

In memory of beloved Von C. Smith

Sidney and Gail Spragins

Clarence L Berry

Patty Conley

Cathy C Mumaw

Robert R. Rich

Akron East High Reunion Committee "1947 and 1948"

Brouse McDowell

John and Susana Bolovan

Joseph and Barbara Deleone

H.A. and Helen Janicek

Randall and Robin Pelton

Thomas and Lynn Dean

Ralph and Jane Sharpnack

Kathie and Clair Dickinson

In memory of beloved Nancy (Johnson) Resh

Greg Frink

Linda Mahmood

In memory of beloved Elizabeth Miller

Carolyn Dann

Regina and Carol Snyder
Larry and Diana Tressler

Loren and Louella Thomas

In memory of beloved Harriette Cookston

James Preston

Justin Preston

Michele Preston

Memorial Tribute of Ella Chesnut

Ella Chesnut's inheritance was contributed to the Ohio Association of the Deaf, Inc in the year of 2013. This was an unexpected surprise and OAD will honor Ella Chesnut's memory by using the contribution to support the Deaf Community. It will be kept in a restricted fund. We will never forget Ella Chesnut's kindness and generosity.

In memory of beloved Gary Bradford McBride
The Davey Tree Expert Company
Dr. Beverly Dearth

Neal McBride

Gillian and David Jenkins

Pat Shelar

George and Audrey John

Marla J Tritttschuh

Concept2Production, Inc.

In memory of beloved Ray Esser

Debbra Esser (wife)

Thank you!

(Son of Deaf Parents, Terence and Florence Esser, OAD member)

In Memory of beloved Verne Taylor

Cindy Taylor-Skrivanek

Dennis Taylor

Dorothy Rinderle

Linda Mahmood

In memory of beloved Thomas A Vaughn

Daniel and Joan Pleban