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The September - December issue of THE BUCKEYE BULLETIN is the last one you received. Pam Groth, our OAD Public Relations Director, will be in charge of e mail addresses for the newsletter.

We are in the process of receiving information from our NAD Region Representatives or flyers sent by OAD as fast as FEDERAL EXPRESS. We will be using an "e-newsletter" which will be sent by e-mail. We will still mail a paper copy to you if you do not have a computer. Also, we have an OAD website with all the information posted, which you may check frequently.

Here is our new e mail address for the OAD e-newsletter only.

It is Your email address will be kept confidential.

Please take the time to provide the information below via email. If you happen to have a computer, please send a message by using our new e-mail address,

On the Subject line put: e-newsletter, change e-mail address, or comment if you wish to make and send to us.

On the message portion, we need you to provide three important pieces of information that we need to have for our database (see below).


Region Area (NE, NW, SE, or SW):

E-mail address:

Thank you for supporting OAD